EcoSpar is your home’s best friend since 2006. From day one, our mission has always been the same: create products with the best quality from ecological and economical aspect that will improve the quality of your living, spare your time, take good care of your wallet and be friendly with our environment and the air that we all breathe. The motive behind our success is - You. And we will continue on our path. RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE!


We have an answer for every challenge. All of our products are built using cutting-edge technology guaranteeing premium quality & functionality, at the same time watching over your budget and environment. Our entire product line-up is a good friend of nature. With burning efficiency of over 90%, EcoSpar pellet stoves and boilers release colorless gas that doesn’t harm the environment. Our products take care of your health!


We are proud that our products are easy-to-install and simple to handle. We are proud because we stand up to the highest European quality standards, protecting the environment & your wallet at the same time. EN 14785, EN 303-5, ISO:9001 and the CE Declaration are some of the formal acknowledgments that show our dedication to creating what's best for you. We are proud that we have very practical and cheap solutions for your problems. Our pellet stoves and boilers are easily maintained and cleaned, saving you time and helping you keep a positive mind while fighting with the negative temperatures. We are proud of the constant technological improvement of our products, keeping the pace with the latest smart technologies. We are proud because you believe in our quality!


Write Us, call Us or drop by our office at:

Evergeen Energy DOO 
15-ti Korpus” 89 A
6000 Ohrid, Macedonia

Tel: +389 46 255 558

contact@ecospar.com.mk servis@ecospar.com.mk

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