Introducing Orion


While you try to cool yourselves under the hot summer sun, we work non-stop on taking a long-term care of your needs. Yes, we know that the summer heat will be over pretty soon, and eventually your zodiac sign will enter amidst the constellations of the EcoSpar Universe, in a time of the year when Celsius moves into the minus zone and everyone starts to look for the one thing we have in abundance in summer – the heat.

And perhaps the most famous constellation in the Milky Way is the "godfather" of one of our latest additions to the family. It's name is ORION, has a power of 40 kW, efficiency of over 92% and works as a pellet-boiler connected to your central heating system. Ideal for heating-up spaces up to 350 m², it could be yours in one of the 15 available colours. If you ever worried that you might never find a boiler that works on the best eco-friendly fuel - the pellets, it is time to change your mood.

ORION, welcome to the team.