Gemini 8, welcome!


With a great pleasure we announce not one but a few newborns in our EcoSpar family. Let's start with the twins: one of the latest additions to the team of fighters for the comfort in your home is named GEMINI and comes in a 8 kW powered version. What does that mean? If you've been searching for the ideal pellet-stove that will make your 60-80 m² home a comfortable place to live, we have great news for you: it’s right in front of your eyes. Now, both You and the nature have a very good friend who saves your time, takes care of the environment and is extremely easy to handle.
But you already knew that about our products, didn't you? Well, we gladly announce that from today the term "easy to handle" has a new meaning: the touch-screen controller installed on our Gemini 8 means business. No sweat, no trouble. Setting-up the EcoSpar product, in order to make your home a pleasant place to stay, from now-on will be a walk in the park for you.
GEMINI 8, welcome to the club!